About us

The Institute for Service Excellence and Good Governance (ISEGG) is an idea whose time has come.

The evolution of time has made it a reality that humans end up more and more in the service industry. This is as machines and technology in general take up the functions of production; which they do oftentimes more efficiently without human interference. The aspect that humans should and can do better is service delivery. Most economies around the world are now driven by service, as that sector takes up greater percentages of the workforce.

Since service is inevitable, why don’t we set standards? A famous saying goes that “anything worth doing, is worth doing well”. That is why we are here; our raison d’etre (reason for being)

The perversion and deliberate truncation of the process of service delivery is what manifests as corruption, and then translates into poverty, disease, and other inefficiencies in many economies around the world. But beyond merely providing service, we believe there is a need to seek for excellence. Aiming for customer delight – in the public and private sector – not only guarantees profit (for private sector), but also a satisfied, motivated and patriotic citizenry (for the public sector).

ISEGG, through premium professional networks, excellence-oriented capacity development orientation and re-orientation programs, vision driven partnerships, and practical career and organization enhancing programs, is an institution that sees to it that human capacity to perform in terms of skill, to deliver in terms of ethical conduct, and to coordinate in terms of systems and structure, remains at its highest possible standards.

The role of ISEGG in the service and leadership sphere is to facilitate and institute the premium standards of performance in the corporate and public sector with resounding emphasis on good governance and service delivery.

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