Service is universal. Good service is always desirable. Excellent service is always exhilarating and rare to come by. Companies and governments have risen and fallen on the back of service delivery – for good or ill.

The benefits of joining and subscribing to ISEGG include:

  1. Our certification stands out members as SERVICE EXCELLENCE and GOOD GOVERNANCE ambassadors and experts.
  2. Periodic free seminars as well as some which attracts a token fees for members and non-members. Best practices and the latest research will be shared at such seminars and workshops
  3. Membership confers a great advantage of networking with like minds who are powerful change agents that deliver good governance in the corporate and public space.
  4. Membership identifies one as a service excellence and good governance champion or ‘ambassador’ and opens opportunities for employment, networking, and engagement locally and internationally, in a world that is increasingly concerned with governance and service.
  5. Our international affiliations provide a platform for distilling best practices in
    • Service Delivery
    • Service Orientation
    • Service Excellence
    • Corporate Governance
    • Public Governance
    • Public Finance Management
    • Public Administration.

Joining and subscribing to ISEGG qualifies you to be certified as a member.