Mission and Vision


To help achieve a socioeconomic culture anchored on good governance, social responsibility, and excellence in service delivery in accordance with global best practices and high ethical standards.


To daily endeavor to be a frontier organization that consistently promotes and advocates for excellent standards of service performance and delivery in every sector saddled with the responsibility of economic productivity. We shall proactively engage citizens, regulatory agencies and other relevant organizations to contribute to the continuous development of progressive rules and practices on good governance across sectors.

Our Initiative

The institute was borne out of the observation that service providers tend to relegate the quest for service excellence to the background even if they initially try.
On many occasions, many organisations are not built around the customer, and do not bother to take a stakeholder view of their businesses. To this extent, many ‘successful’ organisations very quickly adopt the stance that they are doing their customers favours by opening for business in the first place. In some other instances,organisations that ‘luckily’ find themselves occupying a monopolistic or oligopolistic position generally seize the occasion to ride roughshod on their customers and the general public. This loss of focus has led to many organisations going extinct, even in the most sophisticated environments where they have access to the best consultant and cutting-edge knowledge.