Organizational Assessment Tests

This section provides an avenue where individuals and organizations can test their knowledge on quality and excellence in service delivery and good governance. It is also meant to serve as a scale to measure the readiness or otherwise of individuals who intend to delve into the sphere of service delivery or the art of governance either in the private or public sector.

Organizational Assessment

The organizational assesment is a means by which companies can assess just how much they are prepared for service delivery and how well their customers are delighted by what they do. By completing a comprehensive questionnaire, companies and public sector institutions alike are able to grade themselves, and thereby get better.


Customer Care Assessment

This self-assessment,upon completion,will let you see how well developed your customer service skills are, and also a means to identify areas where improvements need to be made


Service Excellence Assessment

How well is the quality/delivery of service you receive from organisations (Public and Private)? Please follow the link below to participate in a minute survey in order to rate the performance of these organisations. Thank you