Our Code of Conduct

We operate by populating the public and private space with knowledge in our chosen area, and also collaborating with institutes that have done a lot of work ahead of us, wherever they may be in the world.

This is sometimes done in form of seminars and workshops, which will be advertised in a program schedule at the beginning of every year and also by offering consulting services to organizations,

We also have a plethora of self-assessment tests in the chosen fields with which anyone (individuals and organizations) can assess their service, governance and leadership readiness. These tests will be updated from time to time, and links will be offered to other sites around the world where continuous self -assessment can take place.

One important aspect of our assessments is the one by which companies can assess just how much they are prepared for service delivery and how well  their customers are delighted by what they do. By compelling a comprehensive questionnaire, companies and public sector institutions alike are able to grade themselves, and thereby get better.

We also organize open seminars of which will be free for members or for a token. This is to bring members and non-members alike, up to speed in the concerns before us.